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Louie Season 1

4.2 ( 992 ratings )
エンターテインメント 教育
開発者 SmartStudy

▶ About Louie App : Animation
Louie is an animation for your little one based on the Original picture of the work of French best seller cartoonist ‘Yves Got’ Learn how to draw a picture and Have fun while the kids watching the animation.

▶ Using Method : Download
Download VODs just 1 time, and you can watch the Louie even offline mode ! Watch the show on-the-go !

▶ Camera Function for Free
Take Picture with Louie and Yoko! Camera features included !

▶ Concept
Louie and Yoko will draw many exciting things for you to discover. They encourage and actively engage the young viewers. the children become truly involved with the characters and are able to take part in all their exciting adventures. From passive viewers to active participants, they soon become creative artists!

▶ Story Line
It is story of the drawing picture rabbit Louie and Yoko. They draw to make needed material for the their stories. Louie explain how to draw a picture kindly. So children can follow drawing a picture easily. Not only kids can understand the process of the drawing animals and things through this animation, But also the kids are interest in drawing by solving the problem of the story.
While the watching the animation, children’s imagination and creativity can be developed naturally

▶ Download Episode 1, 2, 39 for Free. Additional episodes available through in-App purchase

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